Tire Road Hazard

Distributors’ Adjustment Exceptions
No light truck tires (6-ply or higher) are covered by Road Hazard Warranty No light truck tires (6-ply or higher) are covered by Road Hazard Warranty Only certain models are covered by a Road Hazard Warranty. No light truck tires (6-ply or higher) are covered by Road Hazard Warranty

Possible Road Hazard Conditions

Road Hazard Warranty covers tires up to 25%-50% of tread wear

If your tire exhibits any of the below conditions, please click on the link to fill out the road hazard request form:
A crack in the sidewall perpendicular to the bead. The opening will protrude in a diagonal direction toward the carcass plies. If ply cords are visible in the opening and are damaged, this condition was caused by a road hazard (cut) and is non-adjustable. Occurs when the bond breaks down between the sidewall rubber and the ply cords. A bulge in the sidewall may appear. This condition is adjustable only if there is no bead damage (mounting), internal cord damage (impact damage), or underinflation/overload condition evident.
Cut or snag in sidewall or tread caused by coming in contact with a sharp road hazard object. Visible severed belt or ply cords will confirm this condition. Any puncture can cause underinflation damage to a tire which will eventually lead to a separation. If a tire exhibits a puncture (or a previous repair) in an area which is separated, it is considered non-adjustable.
Cut or tear in the sidewall which occurs during severe underinflation or impact. It is caused by forcing the sidewall into the rim flange area. May or may not show signs on the outside in the form of a buldge and/or scuff but will usually have a small tear through the ply cords on the inside as shown.
Straight up and down tear in one of both sidewalls and possibly across the tread. It is generally a result of hitting a large road hazard object such as a curb or deep pothole.
Cut or tear on the inside of the tire in the tread area which occurs from hitting a road hazard object. May or may not show external signs of cuts/scuffs in the tread.

Examples of Conditions Not Covered
by Road Hazard Warranty

A. Irregular wear or tire damage due to:
– Fire, wreck or collision.
– Improper inflation, overloading, high speed spinning, improper mounting or demounting, running flat, off-road use, racing, vandalism, willful damage or abuse
– Misalignment, wheel imbalance, defective brakes or shock absorber, use of tire chains
– Any tire which has failed as a result of adding materials (e.g. tire fillers, sealant, or balancing substances)
B. Tires worn beyond treadwear allowance.
C. Loss of time inconvenience, loss of use of the vehicle or consequential damage.

Note : Detailed Road Hazard Policies differ from company to company

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